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Bosch held their first Professional Garden Tools event this week, demonstrating the extraordinarily quiet and smooth operation of their battery powered products.

The new range of battery-powered products on show at the event held at Greenwich’s Devonport House, are aimed at the professional market. By using highly efficient battery systems and eliminating servicing costs the company say they are confident that users will find that the machines effectively pay for themselves in less than three years of regular use. The company says professional users switching from petrol to the new cordless garden tools for up to four hours per working day, would mean saving around £520 per year.

Aware that selling these environmentally friendly machines to dealers with the boast that servicing costs are eliminated, could be a hard sell in some respects, Joao Barufi, Bosch’s regional brand manager, Lawn & Garden, was keen to point out that these are highly specialist, premium machines, which are sold exclusively through their specialist dealer network – a network which they are looking to expand.

Joao said, “We believe these machines are the future. Not only does our new range provide a powerful battery-powered alternative to petrol, our mower is also quieter than some domestic vacuum cleaners so professionals can get on with their work at any time of the day, “Following on from these launch products of the GRA 53 lawnmower and the GFR 42 brush cutter, we shall be bringing more products through next year including a power box for charging multiple batteries at once.”

The British-built products allow for all-day working due to the low noise and low vibration levels produced by the weatherproof batteries. The batteries, which can be used in both the mowers and brush-cutters, take just 42 minutes to recharge, providing enough power to mow an area equivalent to the size of a football pitch.

Contact our retail store for more information on these products.

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