X-CUT is major development for company

Husqvarna invited the world’s trade press to their hq in Huskvarna, Sweden this week, for the launch of their first ever self-produced saw chain – the X-CUT.

The company boasts that the optimised micro-structured steel and chrome composition of the pre-stretched chain offers extended sharpness and high durability to enhance the performance of Husqvarna chainsaws.

Husqvarna say they decided to produce their own chain for the first time because of how vital a chain is to the performance of a chainsaw. The first chain (SP33G) to leave the factory in Huskvarna is optimised for professional use in the Nordics (where tree types generally are softwood species and are of smaller diameter) and consumer chainsaws in the UK and elsewhere.

Pavel Hajman, President of the Husqvarna Division presented the new chain to the press saying, “The X-CUT is a milestone in Husqvarna history. We have provided loggers with world class chainsaws since 1959 – and with our new saw chain and bars, we can deliver a full Husqvarna experience, taking performance and productivity to a new level.”

The company says there are four key elements to the new chain which will make a logger’s life easier.

The X-CUT SP33G is made of five parts (cutter, tie strap, bumper drive link, drive link and rivet), carefully linked together to become a low-vibration, pixel saw chain that cuts a narrow kerf, and requires less power from the saw than standard cutting systems.

Husqvarna say the output which the chain results in, offers four key benefits to users, that reduces downtime and maximises cutting efficiency.

  • 1. Long-lasting sharpness – The design of the cutters and the micro-structure of the steel and the chrome layers have been refined to give the X-CUT chain a sharpness out of the box which the company says lasts considerably longer before filing is needed. In lab conditions, the chain’s sharpness lasts 10% longer than a comparable Husqvarna H30 chain.
  • 2. Low stretch – The X-CUT chain is pre-stretched at the factory, which increases the amount of time the chain can be used before re-tensioning is needed, hence reducing downtime. This reduced need for adjustments decreases the risk of damaging the cutting system due to a slacking chain.
  • 3. High durability – The balanced combination of construction, materials and processes have resulted in a dynamic durability. Husqvarna has developed a unique combination of state-of-the-art processes including tumbling, heat treatment, induction hardening, and shot peening. High durability reduces wear on the cutting system of the chainsaw, and consequently the need for service and downtime.
  • 4. High cutting efficiency- To maximise cutting efficiency, the X-CUT chain is engineered to cut faster and smoother, and with a well-balanced cutter angle. The company say that compared to relevant competition, X-CUT SP33G cuts faster and more efficiently. Lab results measure up to a 10% higher efficiency than the previously mentioned H30 chain.

The production of the new X-CUT chain all takes place in a brand-new factory built inside an old building at Husqvarna’s Swedish HQ.

A 1 billion SEK investment, the factory is strategically located beside the chainsaw R&D and factory, all parts of the saw chain are manufactured on-site, from raw steel to finished product. The company say this reduces dependency on external suppliers and securing quality of the chain. The factory is designed to be environmental impact neutral, and uses state of the art technology to recycle both chemicals and energy.

The chain has been developed in close collaboration between engineers and professional loggers. Lars Strandell, multiple World Logging Champion told the press, “For me, logging is a passion and a business, where high performance means high productivity and better profit. I’m proud to have been part of the development of X-CUT and excited that there is now a chain specially designed for my Husqvarna chainsaws.”

Availability and price
X-CUT SP33G will be sold by the Husqvarna global network of servicing dealers, starting with the United Kingdom, Nordics, Baltics, and Ireland in September. The chain will then be available in all remaining European markets during 2017, with other markets to follow after.

Recommended price for the X-CUT SP33G saw chain in UK will be £24.00 for 13 inches, £27.00 for 15 inches and £29.00 for 18 inches.

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