Makita BHX2501 24.5cc 4-stroke OHV Petrol Blower


Product description

Introducing the Makita BHX2501 petrol blower.

Fuel type : Unleaded
Cubic Capacity : 24.5 cc
Engine : 4-Stroke
Max Airflow : 10.1 m³/min

Vibration K factor : 0.5 m/sec²  
The "K factor" is an industry standard uncertainty figure. It represents the natral variation in testing for vibration. The true vibration figure could be + or - the K factor figure.

Vibration no load : 9.3 m/sec²  
Machines by their nature have the habit of transferring vibration to the user. Use AVT machines to reduce your exposure to vibration. Vibration above 2.5 m / s ² is harmful.

The maximum time of exposure depends on the vibration value:
5 m/s²: 8 hours
10 m/s²: 2 hours
20m/s²: ½ hours

Tri-axial vibration values are used to calculate all Makita vibration figures.
Net weight : 4.4 kg

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