McCulloch GBV325 25cc 2-Stroke Petrol Garden Blower Vac


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Introducing the Partner GBV325 petrol blower vac.

Efficient and handy one-hand blower. Perfect for domestic gardens or smaller farms. Ideal for work such as clearing grass cuttings, leaves and litter. Blower, vacuum and shredder in one. Equipped with a easy tube attachment for easy handling.

Cylinder displacement : 25 cm³ / 1.53 cu.inch
Power : 0.75 kW / 1 hp
Fuel tank volume : 0.54 lit / 18.3 fl oz
Air flow in housing : 12.16 m³/min / 429.43 cfm
Air Speed : 89.4 m/s / 199.98 mph
Air purge
Collector volume : 45 lit / 0 bushels
Blow and vaccuum tube
Debris ratio : 10:1
Weight : 4.25 kg / 9.4 lbs
Blower tube total length: 76cm

A powerful high performance, vertical scroll 3 in 1 blower vac with excellent balance and lightweight in design, the Partner GBV325 by McCulloch has the power to get the job done with minimum of effort.
Collecting leaves and other debris in and around your garden area is a job that most people put off and isn't much fun, but with the Partner GBV325 made by McCulloch, you will get the job done quickly and efficiently, and will result in your garden area looking neat and tidy throughout the autumn and winter months.

Your Partner GBV325 has a large 45 litre collection bag, and with the integrated leaf shredder and 10:1 mulch ratio, will shred leaf matter efficiently and it will allow you to spend more time at the job in hand, and not emptying leaf matter into the compost heap.

The Petrol 25cc two stroke engine produces 1hp and is quick and easy to start and comes with a host of features such as an ergonomic soft grip for extra comfort and cruise control for adjustable settings. The anti vibration system on your Partner GBV325 means a smoother more comfortable operation. The powerful engine and flare nozzle provides an airspeed of 214.97 mph, so if you have debris that needs blowing away, then your Partner GBV325s powerful blow will get the job done almost effortlessly.

Well balanced and easy to manoeuvre, your Partner GBV325 weighs in at just 4.4kg, so it won't leave you feeling tired once the job has been completed and an easy tube attachment allows for easy assembling and storage.

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