Introducing Ready2go, our convenient service now offered for all petrol mowers and tillers. Not only do we assemble your machine, but we also palletise it for easy transport. When your order arrives, it will truly be ready to go. This seamless process gives you peace of mind, making your purchase even more stress-free. Simply add Ready2go to your cart, complete your checkout, and pay for both the ready2go service and your product at the same time. Leave the rest to us!

Add ready2go to your cart alongside the product and we will 

  1. Un-pack your new machine
  2. We fully assemble it
  3. We fully test it then drain(Petrol), oil will remain in the machine.
  4. We palletise the machine and protective wrap this.
  5. When it arrives you just unwrap your machine, add fuel, (supplied) push/drive/wheel it off the pallet - then your machine is Ready '2' go