Stihl Children's Battery-Operated Toy Chainsaw

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Stihl Toy Chainsaw

Now youngsters can help out around the garden with this Stihl toy chain saw.

Whilst pottering around your garden carrying out various maintenance jobs, children can sometimes be more of a hindrance rather than a help, so why not turn some of that energy into help with the Stihl battery powered toy chain saw?

Your Stihl saw has an 18cm plastic bar with a realistic moving rubber chain meaning your child will have fun "cutting" down trees and branches in and around your garden. With a pull of the recoil your toy Stihl saw will produce a realistic idling engine sound.

The double action switch operates the chain, and produces an authentic chain saw sound effect that will engage your child in role play.

Control the level of noise being produced by your Stihl saw with a handy volume button located at the rear, which includes an OFF position too.

For extra realism the chain brake lever on your Stihl saw moves, and it also comes with a scabbard for that finishing touch.

With this saw, your child will have hours of fun, whether they are hired help around your garden, or engaged in role play. It is sure to stimulate your childs imagination and encourage creative thinking.

Your Stihl saw also comes with a replacement chain and tool all stored in a handy little storage pouch. It requires 3 AA batteries which are also supplied.

Suitable for children age 3 years and over. 


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Product Code ST0464 934 0000
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