Stihl Combination Canister Orange

Product code: ST0000 881 0113

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£37.60 RRP

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UN approved, orange. Twin canister for 5 litres of fuel and 3 litres of chain oil. Includes 2 holders for storing tools and accommodating the filling system (tool and filling system not included).

The ergonomic handle design makes carrying your Stihl Orange Combination Canister easy. Your Stihl Orange Combination Canister carries easily identifiable indications for the two separate chambers for your 5 litres of fuel and 3 litres of chain oil, and a maximum fill line indicates when the container is full. These chambers are sealed by two sturdy safety caps which require a push and turn to loosen or fasten.

Your Stihl Orange Combination Canister also comes with a short spout to make filling your machinery quick and easy and helps to prevent any spillages. There is also a handy storage holder for any tools you might need to carry with you, and it is also equipped with a holder for the tool filling system, which is available separately.

Whatever machine you are running, make sure you never run out of fuel with the Stihl Orange Combination Canister.

The Stihl Orange Combination Canister is a durable twin canister for carrying fuel & chain oil.


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MPN 00008810113
Brand Stihl
Product Code ST0000 881 0113
Weight 1kg