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This chainsaw is for use by trained tree service operators only - by purchasing this top handle chainsaw, you are confirming that you are competent to use it and that you have the valid license to do so. We accept no responsibility for how the saw is used, liability is with the operator.


With a compact and well-balanced design, the MSA 220 T is easy to handle in awkward or outstretched positions. The intuitive trigger lockout system is simple to use, and the electronic unlock button is within easy reach of your thumb. The status LED will light up green when the chainsaw is ready for use, and the chain brake LED will light up red when the chain brake is engaged, so you can easily see when the tool is good to go.

The MSA 220 TC-O model features a chain oil sensor, alerting you when the chain oil tank needs re-filling via a bright red LED light on the handle display. This helps to prevent premature wear of the guide bar and chainsaw chain, as well as preventing downtime if you accidentally forget to top up the oil before climbing. Both chainsaw models also feature an adjustable oil pump, allowing you to customise the oil output to match the application or guide bar length at hand.

STIHL MSA 220 arborist chainsawJust like the MS 201 TC-M, the 220 T’s have a sprocket cover with captive nut, easy to use side chain tensioner and a black felling line for making accurate cuts. With the STIHL AP 300 S battery, the MSA 220 T is comparable to the 201’s power output too.

The STIHL MSA 220 T and MSA 220 TC-O are recommended for use with the AP 300 S battery. Alternatively, the new STIHL AP 500 S battery will the extend the working time further. It’s important NOT to use AP 100, 200 or 300 batteries as this will reduce both the runtime and the performance. The AP 300 S can be fully charged in 45 minutes with the STIHL AL 500 quick charger and will give up to 29 minutes of working time depending on what’s being cut and how it’s used.

Working time with recommended AP 300 S battery is up to 29 minutes. Must be used with AP 300 S or AP 500 S battery for full performance.

Exterior design of guide bar for MSA 220 T / MSA 220 TC-O are subject to change.


NOTE: For purchase by certified arborists only. Once purchased we will ask for the appropriate licences before we can ship this product. 

Product Code

Stihl MSA 220 AP TC-O Top Handle Cordless Chainsaw

Product Code ST-MSA220TCO12 SHELL

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