Tracmaster BCS 630WSBF Bank Flail Mower

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The BCS 630WSBF Bank Flail Mower is specifically designed for working on steep slopes and banks. It is fitted with wide lug wheels and the superb Honda Banks engine allowing it to operate safely and efficiently on sloping ground, and the 85cm flail mower.

Why the BCS 630WSBF Bank Flail Mower?
The BCS 630WSBF will effortlessly cut vegetation on steep slopes up to a 40° gradient, remaining stable and safe under the direct control of the operator.

The Honda GX390 Banks engine has been specifically designed by Honda to work on steep slopes and features a fuel pump, a modified carburettor, and patented oil control device. The machine’s low centre of gravity combined with wide 8.00 x 10 lug wheels help to provide the necessary stability and traction when working on sloping terrain.

The flail mower is ideal for use in heavily overgrown areas where other mowers simply can’t cope, easily tackling the worst possible cutting conditions.

The 85cm flail features 36 heavy duty free-swinging blades which are fitted to a horizontal roller and arranged in a staggered, or overlapping, layout to provide coverage. It works at a high cutting speed so the blades rotate fast to cut, mulch, and leave a fantastic finish.

The cutting height can be adjusted through 5 positions from 1cm (½”) to 6cm (2½”) allowing it to tackle all sorts of ground conditions and heights of vegetation. Individually hinged front protection flaps and a wide open front help to ensure that material reaches the blades. A full width steel roller at the rear of the mower helps to prevent unnecessary scalping of the ground.

The flail mower is very efficient and will cut vegetation faster and more effectively than a rotary or mulching mower, which has helped to make it our best selling grass cutter.

The machine can also operate a range of other front-mounted attachments, see the IMPLEMENTS tab above for more details.

BCS 630BF Engine

Model Honda GX390 Banks
Fuel Petrol
Net Power Output 11.7hp / 8.7kW @3600rpm
Starting Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.1L
Fuel Consumption 3.5L per hour @3600rpm

BCS 630BF Power Unit

Gears 4 forward (inc travel speed) & 3 reverse
Speeds Forward: I: 1.31 km/hr II: 3.05 km/hr III: 4.48 km/hr IV: 13.97 km/hr
Reverse: I: 1.38 km/hr II: 3.21 km/hr III: 4.72 km/hr
Brakes Clutch / brake steering system
Parking brake
Wheels 5.00 x 10 agricultural
Weight 125kg
Dimensions Length: 200cm
Width: 63cm (at handlebars)
89cm (at wheels)
Height: 99cm
Warranty Domestic use: 3 years
Commercial use: 2 years

Berta Flail Mower (included)

Flail Mower 85cm (33")
No of Flails 36 free-swinging
Weight 87kg


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Brand Tracmaster
Product Code ZZTRC-TR85