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Product Description

The CAMON C2000 Tiller is a top-performing tiller, perfect for both commercial and home use. Engineered and manufactured in Sussex, England, the C2000 Tiller delivers outstanding results on previously cultivated land like garden borders, vegetable plots, and allotments.

With a user-friendly design, operating the C2000 Tiller is a breeze. Start the reliable Honda engine, increase the revs with the handlebar-mounted throttle lever, and pull up the drive lever to start tilling. Release the drive lever to stop the machine.

The CAMON C2000 Tiller's compact design makes it easy to maneuver, while its high-powered engine ensures quick and efficient tilling. Say goodbye to labor-intensive tilling tasks and take control of your cultivation needs with the CAMON C2000 Tiller.

Product Code

Tracmaster CAMON C2000 Petrol Tiller

Product Code TRC-C2000